Do you require consultancy for…

Tax law for individuals

  • Annual tax return
  • Income tax return for previous years (up to 4 years back)
  • Declaration for joint ownership
  • Appeal and law suits against tax assessments
  • Tax offense and voluntary declaration
  • Deferral and remission
  • Tax planning and tax strategies

Tax law for companies

  • Preparation of the on-going bookkeeping
  • Annual accounts and determination of profits according to Germany's Income Tax Law (EStG) Articles 4 Paragraph 3
  • VAT declaration, monthly/ quarterly advance VAT return for the current year
  • Corporate income tax return
  • Business tax return
  • Payroll accounting

Traffic law

  • Accident settlements with insurances / assertion of claims for damages
  • Assertion of the (fictional) repair costs and other personal injuries
  • Regulation of damages under fully comprehensive insurance
  • Assertion of compensation for pain and suffering and damages related to housekeeping

Fine proceedings

  • Representation in all traffic criminal actions (e.g. bodily injury caused by negligence, drinking and driving)
  • Legislation on driving licences (e.g. submission to a medical-psychological examination MPU)
  • Representation in administrative proceedings
  • Representation in matters involving fines (e.g. red light, speed camera, exciding the permitted speed limit, or other misdemeanours)

Employment law

  • Drafting and review of employment contracts
  • Suing for dismissal protection • Mutual termination agreement
  • Termination of employment for employers and employees
  • Warnings/ warning letters (Abmahnung)
  • Action for remuneration (Salary, Christmas bonus, etc.)
  • Entitlements in connection with the premature termination of the employment contract (an allowance in lieu of leave, severance payments, work certificate, formulations on the work certificate)

Criminal law

  • General criminal law
  • Youth criminal law, juveniles from ages 14 to 21
  • Matters involving fines regarding road traffic
  • Tax penalty matters
  • Representation of civil petitioners

Insolvency law

  • Insolvency procedures, including preparation
  • Direct communication with the creditors, settlement talks, negotiations
  • Drafting and maintaining a plan for the settlement of debts

Civil law

  • Contract design
  • Direct communication with the creditors, settlement negotiations
  • Recovery and enforcement of any kind of claims, debt collection
  • Order for payment and enforcement proceedings, foreclosures all in one
  • Debtor investigations

Representation of plaintiffs and defendants

  • All actions before Court and following these up during the entire process
  • Proceedings before all Courts all over Germany

Representation in court proceedings

  • Representation of plaintiffs and defendants before all County Courts (AG), Regional Courts (LG) and the Higher Regional Courts (OLG) in Munich and Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern).